The Jurkovic SP association chose to honor the memory Peter Jurkovic (a well-known guitarist and musician whose instrument is owned, for example by Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, or Billy Gibbons), in the best way possible. Zdenek Bina and Standa Kubes did not attend the concerts of his bands and other musicians who played his instruments. They met at Lucerna Music Bar for one evening of Bluesberry. He played the first of his guests, “Guma” Kulhanek.

Jonas Ledecky was the first to visit her and Janek his father. Marek Hlavica, who, except for Bluesberry, sang and played in all of the bands, was a very pleasant guide to the guests throughout the evening. Because all of the participants are genuine heartthrobs, you can see that their speech and music made the party a huge success.

Anyone who has seen Zaha in action will be able to imagine the horrors that prevailed there. It was there that I discovered Janek Ledecky can be likened if you have the right constellation.