Guitarist Peter Jurkovič


Peter Jurkovic, who was a former member in the band Bluesberry and one of the most fashionable Czech blues guitarists, was a great example of this. He was primarily known for his work in the band Tucet, which was extremely popular at the time. He was also involved in other bands such as the funk Zaha and the blues Highway 61. He composed and wrote lyrics for all of the bands. His Czech language skills were atypically ironic and creative.

Jurkovic was more than a musician. He also made his mark as a guitarist. In 1986, Jurkovic made his first guitar. It was a copy the Fender Stratocaster. He continued to learn and opened a legendary workshop at Jilove u Prahy in 1991.

Jurkovic wasn’t “officially” trained as a trade. Jurkovic was a graduate biologist who left his job as a researcher at the veterinary institute to pursue his dream of becoming a guitarist. Anyone who has ever been to his workshop knows that he doesn’t regret taking this step in his life.

A number of Czech musicians are known to use guitars (and later bass guitars) bearing the name Marcus. Later, Jurkovic Guitars were also used by Mirek Linhart and Petr Roskanuk.

Jurkovic’s guitars represent a chapter in their own right for his favorite players from the blues rock world. He designed the ZZ Top instrument for Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Billy Gibbons. These instruments were not only musically and artistically perfect. Jurkovic worked with Stefan Milkov to design them.